Issac Slade
I remember walking out of that lesson believing in myself. He (Scott Martin) gave me truck loads of skills and knowledge about how to sing properly, but he also believed in me before hardly anyone else.

Dr. Martin's one of a kind. I wish every young singer had the privilege of knowing someone like Scott early on in their developing years." – Issac Slade, Lead Singer - The Fray

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VOCALPRO Foundations
Dr. Scott Martin, founder of the Academy of the Arts in Denver, Colorado, has worked with Randy Travis, The Fray, Bebe and Cece Winans, Anita Baker and Natalie Cole just to name a few.

The Academy of the Arts has undergone a metamorphosis. The spirit and heart of the Academy lives on but with a new name and a new dynamic team. The Academy of the Arts is now VOCALPRO.

VOCALPRO teaches the most cutting-edge and impactful vocal training in the world. From preparing for a specific event to pursuing a musical career, VOCALPRO can help you reach your maximum potential. Come and join the VOCALPRO community.